LAHAB provides complete demilitarisation and explosive waste disposal services, including characterisation, analysis, storage, treatment and disposal.

We offer complete explosive and ammunition end-of-life demilitarisation for almost all types of explosives and pyrotechnics. This includes disassembly, separation, and incineration using open pit burning and open pit detonation. We also offer safe disposals of commercial mining, and oil and gas products using:

  • Disassembly (pull apart, unscrew, cutting, lathing, milling, abrasive cutting, pressing, high pressure water jet)
  • Separation (hot water washing out and separation/solidification of TNT based explosives)
  • Incineration (static detonation chamber) of bulk explosive, ammunition explosive components for almost all types of explosives and pyrotechnics
  • Open-pit burning and open-pit detonation
  • Military ammunition products
  • Commercial mining, oil and gas products
Demilitarisation Image