There are two Ballistic tests sites operating at LAHAB premises:
1. The Ballistic Tests Laboratory – two Indoor-shooting ranges - for testing small caliber ammunition and anti-ballistic materials.
2. The Open Ballistic shooting range testing from small to medium caliber ammunition.
Adhering to the highest standards, our test equipment meets NATO, MIL-SPEC , CIP and SAAMI specifications and covers the following:

  • Photo screens and Doppler radar for measuring velocity
  • Ballistic pressure measurement with NATO-qualified transducers
  • Blast overpressure measurement
  • Piezo-electric pressure sensor calibrator
  • High-speed videography up to 400,000 fps and High Definition colour cameras
  • Ballistic testing with dedicated test weapons for all types of 40mm grenades and Small Arms Ammunition
  • Static testing of explosive-filled components up to 1kg
  • Environmental conditioning of ammunition under test prior to firing
  • Mobile test capability that can be deployed to military firing ranges
Ballistic testing